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Shhh...Top Secret information below!
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Shhh...Top Secret information below!
(run you cursor down the page to reveal)

She has never eaten a real New York City street hot dog.

Her right ring toe is shorter than her left ring toe.

She covers her gray hair with mascara. Waterproof, of course.

At any time, she'd rather be in Paris than anywhere else on earth.

She had her ears pierced at 6 months old. Her aunt did the job with a sewing needle.

She is terrified of spiders (eight legs are so much more creepy than six).

If she walks by a hole, she has to look in. She's never been able to pass a hole without sneaking a peek.

Sometimes, when her laptop isn't working, she threatens it by playing Hannah Montana.

She secretly sings along to Hannah Montana.

She thinks that some babies are just ugly.

She has performed brain surgery on rats.

She wishes she had written the theme song to Perry the Platypus.

She would give anything to be 5 inches taller.

She throws like a girl.

She's allergic to shrimp.  And housework.

She has never found Sam Kinison funny.

She has ugly feet.

She doesn't like petting zoos. Not even a little bit.

She's never touched a real, live pig. Her attraction to them is theoretical only.

She has two pillows from when she was 3 that she needs in order to sleep.

She steals those pillows from her son if he ever falls asleep with them.

She loves pink.

She has over 200 tubes of lipstick.

She thinks her nose looks smaller from the right than from the left.

She believes in fairies.

She doesn't wear shoes in the house.

Her clothes are organized in her closet by color.

She often weighs the pros and cons of different superpowers.

She cannot keep a secret. Unless it is really important. Then, maybe.

Once, she accidentally lit a mouse on fire.

She's chopped the head off a chicken.

She never closes cabinet doors.

She doesn't know how to swim, and yet owns seven bathing suits.

She'd rather wear high heels than sneakers. Even to the gym.

The inside of her car is always a mess.

She only makes her bed when company is coming.

When she eats a blueberry muffin, she'll often eat around the blueberries.

She has detailed dreams about Daniel Craig.

If she could, she'd sleep 16 hours a day. Like a lion.

She cannot take Green Day. Not even in small doses.

She likes cake.

She once owned a Mustang named Wilhemina. But it was a car, not a horse.

She is allergic to any pet her kids might want to have.

She almost named her oldest child 'Xena.' As in, 'Warrior Princess.'

She still loves the swings at a playground.

Her favorite restaurant is La Truffiere in Paris.

She's always wanted to look good in hats. But she does not.

She hates doing push ups.

She really can't dance. But she does it anyway. No matter who is looking.

She loves monkeys.

She needs dessert after every meal. Including breakfast.

She consciously sucks in her belly when she gives a speech. Makes it hard to breathe, and thus talk, but she believes the trade-off is fair.

She believes in Santa Claus.

She sings in her shower. Always off-key.

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