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Half-Pint Pete the Pirate

Author: Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen

Illustrator: Geraldo Valério


ISBN-10: 0399251731

ISBN-13: 978-0399251733

Book Description

Warm up your pirate voice for this energetic treasure hunt

Half-Pint Pete the Pirate sailed half the seven seas, but with only half of a treasure map, he's never found what he's looking for. Until the day he meets Belle - a pirate with half a map of her own. At first, Pete is eager to steal Belle's share, but half a team isn't enough to find the treasure, and Pete soon realizes that working together is much more fun!

Lively verse and bright illustrations make this highseas adventure fun for seafarers and landlubbers alike!

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Half-Pint Pete the Pirate has half of a treasure map; Half-Baked Belle has the other. After they join forces, he intends to steal her share of treasure but steals her heart instead. With its simple plotting, dialogue-filled rhymes, and anything-but-menacing coed crew, this book is perfect for kids who are curious about pirates but too young for the hard stuff. (2012 Fall)

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