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The Winter 2013–2014 Kids’ Indie Next List

Book Description

Duck and Duck are preparing for a party, and each step of the way, Moose inadvertently messes things up. When he disappears in shame, Duck and Duck must go find him so he can join in the party-which was for him! The slapstick physical humor of Duck, Duck, Moose will have kids overcome with the giggles.


"Two perfectionist ducks find their tidy house disrupted, repeatedly, by a large antlered fellow whose behavior suggests an impulsive kindergartner. By changing a consonant, Bardhan-Quallen(Pirate Princess) heightens the familiar suspense of the “duck, duck, goose” game; as two white ducks set the table or decorate a layer cake, readers await a crashing entrance by Moose, who demolishes a wall and splatters the dessert. Although written words are few, the story comes across in the punctuation and in Jones’s (Here Comes Trouble!) doodly digital art. Like disapproving parents, the ducks must send Moose away (they’re planning a surprise party for him); he sulks outside until the ducks apologize, enabling the book to conclude on a final slapstick note. Moose’s pratfalls provide short-term entertainment and an opportunity for dramatic read-aloud performances. Ages 3–5."


"Two ducks plus one moose equals mayhem, mischief and true friendship. The three words of the title are the only three words used in the text (aside from a couple of signs in the illustrations)...Emerging readers will easily join in the fun. The page design allows for a well-paced and entertaining read-aloud, and kids will love seeing how the traditional children’s game gets a funny new setting with 'moose' taking the place of 'goose.' Fun, fun, fun! (Picture book. 3-6)"


"PreS-Gr 3–Using the three words of the title, Bardhan-Quallen tells a story filled with slapstick antics. Two ducks and a moose live together... Good fun that gives a whole new meaning to the word 'duck.'"—Marianne Saccardi, formerly at Norwalk Community College, CT


"Two neat and tidy ducks live with an absentminded, wall-smashing, paint-spilling, chair-toppling moose. To the slightly skewed but familiar refrain of “duck, duck, moose” (the only words), Jones’ illustrations depict the two ducks as they wipe plates clean, set up their easels for an art project (donning featherprotecting smocks first), and carefully decorate a birthday cake. The tension heightens as the ducks’ cake gets bigger and more elaborate, and the repeated “duck, duck, duck” can only mean one thing: an even more explosive “MOOSE!!” is on the way. The ruined cake is the last straw for the ducks, and with a scolding, their clumsy friend leaves the house, feeling unwanted. Little does he know, though, that his duck friends are throwing him a surprise birthday bash. Jones’ goofy, Boyntonlike characters are surprisingly expressive for all their simplicity. Though this silly story has a lot of well-earned laughs, the sweet ending is a touching reminder that clumsiness is easily forgivable—a valuable lesson for any distractable, tumble-prone tot." —Sarah Hunter

Duck, Duck, Moose!

Author: Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen

Illustrator: Noah Z. Jones


ISBN-10: 1423171101

ISBN-13: 978-1423171102

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